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BodyLIFE India Expo is India’s premier business-to-business trade show for the fitness and sports nutrition industry. The 3rd edition of the bodyLife Expo will pave way for witnessing growth in the fitness industry over the next year. The 3-day event which is one of it’s kind in the fitness industry will showcase the NEW, EXCITING and FUTURISTIC developments in the industry.

The event will bring together the who’s who of the fitness fraternity to sketch the landscape in the areas of fitness and sports nutrition, identify challenges and opportunities which will draft a roadmap for the industry’s growth. bodyLIFE-India Expo will showcase a number of equipment, products and services – ranging from fitness equipment, sports kits, certification agencies, yoga, aerobics gear, accessories, clothing, information and communication technology, sports nutrition, martial arts equipment accessories and clothing.

We invite all the gym equipment manufacturers, fitness centres, franchise quest masters, nutrition players, sports & equipment distributors to participate in this mega event which will be be organised from 04 - 06 November 2016 at Bangalore.

Why is BodyLife Expo coming to Bangalore?

Did you know? Bangalore is the most fitness conscious city in India!

Bangalore could become the fitness capital of our country. It has emerged as the most fitness conscious city in India followed by Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai a recent survey revealed. Trends of Fitness will emerge from this major cosmopolitan city - Bengaluru Healthy living and fitness has become a top priority for Indian urban consumers. People have bought products in the Fitness category triple the times in 2015 as compared to the years before and now looking way ahead.

Home to over 10 million people, Bangalore is one of the largest cities in India which is a major economic & cultural hub and is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities of the world. Bangalore known as the Silicon Valley of India has been described as "a gateway to new global frontiers" and "a harbinger of a new global labour force that works in IT, manufacturing industries and many others

There is a growing trend in companies and in multi-tenant facilities across the country – to build fitness centers in order to attract and retain tenants and employees.
Today, fitness industry accounts to over $2.4 billion franchise industry which is waiting to be expanded and exploited to achieve the complete potential. There is growing interest among entrepreneurs to start retreats, fitness centers and spas as there is demand.

There is a growing trend in companies and in multi-tenant facilities across the country – to build fitness centers in order to attract and retain tenants and employees. Bangalore is home to the young , upwardly mobile ,corporate population where fitness is the new mantra that drives the gym industry .

Housing in Bangalore has been growing vertical with more and more apartment complexes with facilities like mandatory gym in place. Opportunities of gym growth are huge in Bangalore and acts as the trend setter to the south of India. With all these encouraging reasons, Bangalore would be an ideal location to host the next edition of bodylife India Expo 2016.

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