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Certification Agencies for Fitness

Certification Agencies for Fitness
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Visitors Profile

  • Owners, Directors & Consultants of Fitness Clubs, Gyms, Aerobics & Yoga Centers, Wellness Studios
  • Managers / Administrators of Public Sports Facilities: Sports Authority of India, Athletic Federations, Sports Associations, Universities, Schools & Colleges
  • Training Institutions for Martial Arts
  • Multipurpose Club Houses
  • Private Residential Facilities
  • Corporate Fitness Facilities
  • Rehabilitation & Medical Facilities
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Centers
  • Sports Retail Boutiques
  • Developers & Builders of Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Dealers / Distributors / Resellers / Importers of Fitness Equipment
  • Dietician, Nutritionists & Physiotherapists
  • Human Resource Heads, Purchase Managers & Fitness Facilitators from Corporates
  • Mall Owners, Directors, Consultants & Professionals
  • General Fitness & Wellness Enthusiasts
  • Major Hotel Chains







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